Research Interests
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Eperience is what counts...

Since this is a professional site designed to market myself to potential employers, I will not bore you with my life's story. Instead I thought it would be more beneficial to graphically show the growth of my skills.

August 2002
I started my first official position in the technology industry. I was hired by the Todd Organization with the position of Applications Specialist Intern. The position was my first formal introduction to ASP, SQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. The experience was excellent, and I got to work with a strong financial company and learn about the financial side of executive compensation services.
April 2003
I finished with my bachelor's degree in information science from the University of Pittsburgh. At this point I had a great liberal arts background, and my skill set was fairly modest. I had classroom knowledge of C, C++, visual basic, and HTML but there was much room for improvement. The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (where I have worked since my freshman year) offered to take a chance on me and offer me a position as a graduate student assistant.
May 2003
After school finished I worked full-time for the summer serving as assistant systems analyst for the Admissions Office. My projects started with designing websites and maintaining reports written in ASP. I was also studying the .net framework in my personal time per the office's request.
August 2003
My work with ASP.net and VB.net officially started, and I began writing solely .net code. We started migrating existing reports that support the admissions office to .net. The migration was the first step we decided to take in preparation for the University's migration to PeopleSoft Enterprise Resource Planning tool slated to roll out in August of 2004.
August 2003-July 2004
I strengthened my coding skills and have harvested a lot of new abilities in web based application development. I was formally trained to use PeopleSoft and began working extensively with my supervisor to layout mechanisms to work with data from the Universities data warehouse. For security reasons we had to maintain a secondary warehouse of the data that was pertinent to our office.

The data warehouse was a familiar topic from my database management class, but writing the complex queries necessary to retrieve data needed for web reports proved to be a cumbersome task. I spent an extensive amount of time formally learning how to write and optimize complex queries against the PeopleSoft data warehouse and write easy to use reports that could support the office needs.
August 2004
The University officially rolled out the first phase of the PeopleSoft migration project. At this point my skills in query writing, and coding client/server applications are much stronger then ever before. Now I had to learn how to rapidly produce projects because we were attempting to make the staff adapt to PeopleSoft immediately and only use Recruitment Plus (our previous student management system) as a backup utility. All of the IT staff was putting in many extra hours, and I learned what it takes to produce quality products on a short time line.
September 2004
Guest lecturer for CS 134-Web Site Design & Development. I was offered the opportunity to share my web development experiences and knowledge with an undergraduate web design course. The concepts that I was responsible for were standards related. My lectures focused on XHTML standard as written by the W3C as well as the proper integration of Cascading Style Sheets. I tried to show elements of good design and explain cross browser compatibility.